About the podcast…

A podcast for bookish chats, BBE began as conversations Paige and Jennifer had at work when they really should have been doing other things. Somehow it always ended with Jennifer saying, “I could talk about books for hours,” and then thinking….maybe we should?

Every other week we sit down to chat about our chosen pick based off a variety of themes: everything from books we hate to thrift store finds and beyond. Hopefully these conversations are just as entertaining as we find them to be, addressing how books were, are, and will continue to be relevant to our every day lives. All hail the mighty codex! We’re glad you’re along for the ride.

Keep up with the pod:

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Meet your podcasters:

Jennifer is a Washington State native and Paige hails from Oklahoma, but the wonderful and wacky state of Florida brought them together (Florida Man is real, we can attest). When not reading and talking about books, Jennifer can be found knitting like the 80 year old grandma she is and Paige is likely drowning in cats and art supplies.