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The Book of Paige’s Nightmares: House of Leaves

Show Notes for Episode 2.9

Check out the episode below:

Quick links from the episode:

  • Interested in getting your own copy of House of Leaves? Check out the link to our Bookshop store below:
  • Folio Facts: Did you know Agatha Christie inadvertently solved some murders after writing The Pale Horse? Christie used the poison thallium sulfate as the murder weapon in this book, and this led some of her readers to recognize the signs of poisoning in those around them! HOWEVER, the original article that Jennifer referenced stated a doctor reading The Pale Horse led to the arrest of serial killer, Graham Young. Upon further research, this assertion seems to be unsubstantiated, if not entirely false.
  • Creatives’ Corner: At the end of this week’s episode, Paige did her best to relieve some tension by sharing one of her favorite decompressing YouTube channels: Watercolor by Shibasaki. If you are ready for an Asian Bob Ross who is not only adorable, but also super talented, this is definitely a channel for you! Plus tons of chill vibes to help you relax after reading all these scary books this month!
  • BBE Bookstore: This episode, Jennifer plugs the latest book that she actually bought: Brandon Stanton’s Humans. If you are unfamiliar with Stanton’s project which has been underway for ten years now, Jennifer would highly recommend checking out his Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook page. This is Stanton’s fourth book and Jennifer found it to be just as inspiring and thought-provoking as his social media accounts. Grab your own copy of Humans below from our Bookshop store:

Scars are the paler pain of survival received unwillingly and displayed in the language of injury

Mark Z. Danielewski, House of Leaves

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