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A Poorly-Timed Read: Frank Herbert’s The White Plague

Show Notes for Episode 2.11

Check out the episode below:

Quick notes from the episode:

  • Want a copy of The White Plague for yourself? Support the podcast and local bookstores by purchasing a copy from our Bookshop store:
  • Folio Facts: this week, Jennifer researched the oldest printing press in British North America. Perhaps unsurprising, America’s first press arrived well before it was America. 1638 to be exact. But where did it end up? Check out our episode, or the Cambridge Historical Society to learn more.
  • BBE Bookstore: Jennifer’s pick was a recent audiobook that she couldn’t ‘put down’: Sick, by Porochista Khakpour. An honest and insightful memoir on addiction and the experience of having Lyme disease, Jennifer devoured this book and highly recommends it to anyone interested in learning about the experience of having a chronic illness. Khakpour is an incredibly talented writer, if you’d like to learn more about her, check out her website. If you’re interested in Sick, and would like to support the podcast, follow the affiliate link below to our Bookshop store:
  • Creative’s Corner: Paige’s latest Netflix binge has been the show Roman Empire. Half history, half dramatic recreation, Paige would definitely recommend this series if you are interested in all things Rome. The series seems to be covering the most infamous of Roman emperors, so plenty of drama to be had with figures like Julius Caesar and Caligula.

We can’t talk about Frank Herbert without mentioning Dune. Are you excited for the new adaptation?

Coming up next time, our last bonus Movie Magic pick: The Princess Bride, by William Goldman. If you are enjoying the podcast, please consider leaving us a review or following us on social media (links above). If you’d like to support the podcast, head on over to our Patreon for bonus content. Until next time, cheers!

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