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The Princess Bride: Book or Movie, Who Reigns Supreme?

Show Notes for Bonus Episode 2.5

Check out the episode below:

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Quick notes from the episode:

  • Want a copy of The Princess Bride for yourself? Check out our affiliate link below to support the podcast, independent booksellers, and get an awesome book in the deal.
  • The Forewords: in case you were unaware, The Princess Bride is a book within a book, sometimes even within a book. Goldman goes to extraordinary pains to preserve the fiction that his version is an abridged version of a much longer tale written by the fictional S. Morgenstern, depicting real events that occur in the fictional country of Florin. This seems all well and good, except for the fact that Goldman’s machinations become increasingly convoluted in the material surrounding the actual book. Two different introductions for the two anniversary editions, as well as the Buttercup’s Baby chapter at the back serve to extend Goldman’s fun. However, BBE collectively was supremely unamused. Much ranting ensued.
  • The sword fight between Westley and Inigo is considered to be one of the greatest duels in movie history. In fact, it was so good, fencing schools show it to students to learn their moves. Check out this article in Vanity Fair that revisits the action thirty years later.
  • Paige Presents Fun with Comics: This episode, Paige chats comic series The Wicked and The Divine. Ever wondered what happens when ancient gods are reincarnated as famous popstars and then die after two years? Yeah, neither did we, but it makes for one interesting story. To learn more about the story, its sequels, or the artists/writers, head over to Image comics. To purchase a copy and also support the podcast, check out the link below:

Now please enjoy some selected scenes from the movie:

Jennifer’s favorite moment in the book
And finally, the famous sword fight itself

And that is a wrap on Season Two. In our final Movie Magic match-up, turns out the classic movie emerges as the victor. A shocking finale to an overall shocking theme! We certainly were not expecting to pick movies over half the time! Thanks for sticking with us this season. If you are enjoying the podcast, please consider leaving us a review or following us on social media (links above). If you’d like access to full-length bonus episodes, you can head over to Patreon and sign up for our Book Ninja or Book Mage tiers. Happy holidays, and we will see you in January for Season Three!

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