Who is Ready for Some [Bookish] Spring Cleaning?

March Sneak Peek

Okay, so it isn’t really Spring officially yet…but I have always considered March as a Spring month and that means Spring cleaning! Just like I buy into the New Years’ hype, I also love a good excuse to do some decluttering. Literally, I declutter when I’m on vacation because I love it so much. So what about decluttering some of our overflowing TBR’s? Check out what we are bringing you this month on the podcast:

Jennifer is going Greek this month with Madeline Miller’s The Song of Achilles. You may have heard Jennifer mention Circe maybe 100x on the podcast, but be prepared for even more fanatical hype with this Iliad-inspired read.

Paige is also sticking with absolute strengths this month, choosing a book inspired by her beloved Norse mythology. Joanne M. Harris’ The Gospel of Loki is a witty first-person retelling of the story of the Norse gods by the titular character himself, but how will this adaptation stand up to the original?

Lastly, for our Phone a Friend bonus episode of March we welcome long-time pod supporter, Ryan! Be prepared for gruesome history of pioneer surgeon and naturalist, John Hunter – the father of modern medicine. Full bonus episodes are available for our Patrons (Book Ninja tier and above).

And that is a wrap on our March Sneak Peek! With some Greek and Norse mythology, plus a little body snatching in our bonus episode, can we really go wrong? Tell us below what read you are most looking forward to this month, maybe you’re doing a little TBR clear out yourself?

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